Communication Strategy

Fashion is Dead

Communication Strategy for 2020

Designing of the new visual keys and positioning for the mall for the 2020 season.

The Outlet Stores Alicante
Communication Strategy - Graphic Design

The mall needed a new positioning to keep moving forward in their brand strategy's plan. After two years working and investing to improve the client experience and amplifying the offer of the mall, it was moment to work in the communication. In order to find a new positioning and visual identity for the next campaign, they invited us to a tender.

The first step to take before working on the positioning and visual identity was finding out what the other malls in the city were doing, what competence the outlet has and learning what is happening with malls and outlets shopping hubs all around the world...

We realised that malls where not just a shopping center anymore, instead they were becoming a social center, where shopping, but also having dinner, going to see a movie o just having a coffee. that finding drove us to study the social trends for the next year...

After that part of the research we knew It was moment to talk about realities, about real people, about slow fashion and not fast fashion, but we didn't know how to approach it. So the next step in the project was a Brand Review. Here we learn that during the last years the Outlet took the idea of working with graphics with the claim "Your outlet", so they focused their communication in telling everyone they were an outlet and the next year the graphic put the focal point in the product, so everyone saw what to find exactly in the outlet. Then It was clear for us, it was time to talk about people,

With the claim "Fashion is dead" we pretended talk to those who don't care about wearing the last model in the market, to those who prefer to pay 20‚ā¨ for a good quality jacket of the pass year that 20‚ā¨ for a bad quality jacket of the last season. It was time to become the Outlet of those who think that there is not a right outfit, to talk about them using people with strong identities and personality.

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