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Heath is also a matter of attitude
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Branding campaign

In order to find an own communicative positioning for the client, we design a new global brand strategy, giving it a turn of 180º to all the communication pieces.

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Vithas Health Group is the second biggest health group in Spain, with presence around all the national territory. The paradigm change inside the company, the new social context and the heterogenization communication strategies found between the different players in the sector, force them to seek for a new positioning in order to keep growing in the national market.


The challenge presented to us was to build a brand positioning along with a graphic line that was capable, not only of unifying the image of all its centers, but of differentiating itself from the competition generating brand value.

Graphic Proposal


The proposed solution was to build a position that spoke of health from outside of health because, if something matches those who struggle to improve their health, it is not their problems, but in the attitude in which they face them . We wanted Vithas to become the hospital for nonconformists, those whose hopes are above their fears. Betting on the tagline "Health as an attitude of life", we seek to position it as the hospital of those who face life with attitude.

Under a minimalist and conceptual line, we use metaphors both to communicate their positioning and the different drivers of Vithas health centers.

Visual Keys
Visual Keys
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