Bullring of Alicante

Donde habita la cultura
Branding Strategy

rebranding and brand strategy

New brand identity for the Bullring of Alicante

Plaza de Toros de Alicante
Brand Strategy

The new social scenario forces to bullrings to evolve to new business models, focusing their activity not only on bullfights but on other activities, in order to take that step, the bullring of Alicante needed a new brand identity and positioning.

The bullring goes from being the Colosseum to become the Agora. From being a space of sacrifice in a place of coexistence, culture, leisure, a place for everyone.

The death of the bull, as an act of offering to the gods evolved to become a form of collection for social actions and financing for urban improvements in the city of Alicante, today its square becomes a center where culture, art and leisure come together to continue providing value in the entertainment of its citizens.

"Donde habita la cultura "where culture inhabits" is the perfect way to explain all the content that a place may be loaded with. We grant relevance to a historical and socially representative site of the culture and tradition of Alicante.The ability to leave the new nature clear of the place, and at the same time to be precise in the content makes this claim an appropriate and dominant one.

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