Cremeria Borgonesse

Back to the origin
Branding Strategy

Business Concept and Branding

Creation of new business concept under a sub-brand able to convey new attributes but at the same time do not get distance from the original brand "Borgonesse"

Branding - Business Model - Strategy

The client had the need of creating a new business concept for the new business model. While Borgonesse is a Gelateria which works just with natural products, offering an ice-cream 100% natural and tasty, the new concept was going to work directly with the ice cream, not freezing process.That means going a step back in the ice cream production chain, offering the product 100% fresh, making the product just in front of the client.

Tag line

With the new business model of Borgonesse in mind, we started working on the different options, finally we decided to propose "Cremeria Borgonesse" as name of the Gelateria since the product wasn't the ice-cream that all we know, it was the cream, the first outcome in the production process. At the same time, it was important for us to keep a conecction with the spirit of Borgonesse, a different way to appreciate and understand the life through the ice creams. It is the searching of a memory, an authentic flavor, a back to tradition to find our essence in the backgrounds, with the sale objetive of enjoy life intensely. So, driven for a deep research about the history of ice-cream and the producción process of this, the tagline of the brand appeared as "Back to the origen". This drives you to the first moment, to the apple in the tree, the orange just recollected, to the ice-cream that is exactly that, cream...


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