Cremeria Borgonesse

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Branding Strategy

Business Concept and Branding

Creation of new business concept under a sub-brand able to convey new attributes but at the same time do not get distance from the original brand "Borgonesse"

Brand Strategy

The client had the need of creating a new business concept for the new business model. While Borgonesse is a Gelateria which works just with natural products, offering an ice-cream 100% natural and tasty, the new concept was going to work directly with the ice cream, not freezing process.That means going a step back in the ice cream production chain, offering the product 100% fresh, making the product just in front of the client.

Tag line

The new Borgonesse ice cream concept is focused on offering consumers an ice cream with the maximum possible freshness. So, that we recover the traditional way of making ice cream looking for the texture of ice cream that only craftsmen masters could try in their preparation, before putting it in the freezer chambers.

The objective of this concept has been to turn the front desk around, thus showing consumers the elaboration and giving them the opportunity to taste the extreme freshness of an ice cream that has more to do with a cream than with an icy matter.

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