Who is this guy?

Account Strategic planning
Cristian Sánchez

A Humanist addicted to advertisement

A couple of years ago I took a path that drove me to where I currently am... A chair in one of the biggest agencies of my state as Account Strategic Planner. And.. now I am sure of something, I love that Fu***** chair.

During those years looking for my place I have worked in severals fields of Marketing and Communication, from events to marketing online, learning new concepts, tools, tasks, meeting awesome people but especially getting blows from everywhere. Furthermore, I've been working in Brasil and Amsterdam dealing with the challenges that working in a different country bring with it.

All those experiences have made me the professional I'm today, one who knows the important of a work methodology in order to be as efficient as possible, but also someone who is able of taking an alternative path when there is need of something that breaks all the schemes. Moreover, my background in sociology and my love for cultures, force me to pay attention to sociodemographic aspects, but most especially, to socio-psychologic characteristics, using them to find relevant insights able to connect with people, able to create meanings that really matters.

At Induze I'm dealing with accounts that represent more than 1 million euros. From Grupo Vithas Salud (Hospitals), to shopping malls (Group CBRE), passing through European projects (FEDER Funds), to an internationally growing startup dedicated to ice cream stores (Borgonesse), inter alia.

What have i been done all this time?

One thing I am sure about, is that whatever you are working on, people must be in always in foreground.

Account Strategic Planner, Induze; Spain(04/19 -Currently)

Working with online and offline communication and
dealing with accounts that represents more than 1M€ such as Grupo Vithas Salud and international clients as CBRE Group, I have been working specially on new business, achieving accounts by
tendering for European Development Projects,
Shopping Centers, Hospitals and startups.

My task;
- Design of Presentation for the final client
- Research and Analyze social and business trends
- Research target and market (Benchmark)
- Structure information to make it effective
- Present final work to clients
- Design and structure creative brief for the creative team
- Design Creative Briefing
- Coordinating teams involved on the project

Rowing Coach (06/16- Currently)

Working under the main values of team work and consistency. My task is coaching the Senior and Master teams, achieving national championships.

My task;
- Provide mentoring and development to club coaches, especially with regard to technique and talent identification.
- Ensure planned on/off water athlete 
outcomes are achieved.
- Responsible for the daily coaching of identified athletes & implementation of a comprehensive Performance Program.

Communication and Events, The Thinking Hut; Amsterdam ('1/19 - 07/19)

Managing internal communication for more than 50workers, events for more than 90 assistants, and coordinating the hosting for the master in Accounting Planning from Hoala. We improved the economics results of the company, opening a new office.

My task; 
Manage Mailchimp's members list and Design the newsletter for our members.
- Create connections and opportunities between members through community initiatives and frequent conversation.
- Actively seek member feedback to attain the lowest level of churn possible
- Conduct tours to maintain building goal of 100% occupancy and solve member issues
- Creating and Design of branding supplies (Flags, stackers, etc)

Marketing Assistant, Caypre; Spain (07/17- 10/17)

Working with the launching of the e-commerce,duplicating the performance of the social networks of the company and getting a better responsive from the costumer in offline and online campaigns.

My task; 
- Creating online and offline content: texts, videos, subtitles, adverts, banners, infographics and brochures.
- Digital and social media marketing.
- Assisting in the organization of international events.
- Gathering and analyzing information, data and statistics.
And a variety of other (online) marketing activities

Rowing Race Manager and Event Coordinator, Valenciana Rowing Federation(01/17- 06/17)

Managing relationships with promotors and sponsors for national sport events with more than six hundred assistants.

My tasks;
- Coordinate general aspects, such as planning, audiovisual resources, refreshments/food, printed matter, sponsoring & exhibition, social programme, logistical aspects, and the direct management of revenues and expenses.
-Arranging relevant printed materials and providing content
- Project management (from start to finish, managing tasks, communication with all stakeholders)

Junior Social Media Planer, Símbolo Ingenio Creativo, (06/16 - 09/16)

First professional experience in the sector, growing fast and dealing directly with clients from hotels,restaurants, bars, sport centers.

My task; 
- Consultant to brand management on social content and advertising.
- Executing and optimizing social content and advertising.
- Overseeing community management responsible for webcare for all our clients
- Design and development of promotional campaigns (online and offline)

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